Python Control Systems Library

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Description:   The Python Control Systems Library, python-control, is a python module that implements basic operations for analysis and design of feedback control systems.

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Onzen Onzen is a graphical front end for the revision control systems CVS, SVN, HG, and GIT. It represent the files managed by the RCS in a tree-view and offers functions to e. g. update, commit, add, remove, diff, view files and many more.

Python Packet Capture Library Pycap provides the ability to capture packets from, and inject packets onto, network interfaces. It dissects commonly found structures in network packets such as Ethernet, IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP headers.

Python games library for PS3 Python PS3 support library, primarily designed to support game development under Linux. At its core, there is an optimised SPU alpha-blended blit for fast 2D rendering, and also offers full support for multiple game controllers and sound playback.

Version Control Jabber roBot A simple bot that services various version control systems and sends by Jabber information about any changes. In this time it service only SVN repositories.

XMEM Extended C/C++ Memory Debugging XMEM Extended C/C++ Dynamic Memory Control and Debug Library: The extended C/C++ Dynamic Memory Control and Debug Library XMEM is a replacement library for malloc/free and new/delete to find memory leaks and other memory related errors in C/C++ code.

pow2 ACL Java Access control list library.Pow2ACL is a package useful to keep track of application users roles and permissions.User can be authenticated:- directly using the package API;- using custom JSP tag libraries;

pyDrawing pyDrawing is a Graphic Library, written in Python and to be used from any python program.The Graphic Library can draw on a tkinter canvas geometric primitives with attributes and connect them with connectors.Block Diagrams can be drawn easily.

Fuzzy Logic Tools Fuzzy Logic Tools (FLT) is a C++ framework for storage, analysis and design of fully general multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control systems, without constraints in the order of either the inputs or the output vectors.

Jants Jants is a set of Java libraries for the artificial evolution of neural network control systems. The purpose of Jants is to help develop artificially intelligent agents.

Reed-Solomon Coder As an important linear group code in error control domain, the Reed-Solomon code has a strong capability of correcting random and sudden errors, and it is widely used in various error control systems. I implement this project to show how the code works.

Python Configuration Parser Module Python configuration parser module which supports arbitrarily deep hierarchical option "dictionaries" and partnership with the existing optparse (optik) python module. The API of this module will follow as close as possible the optparse model.

Python Credit Card API Python Credit Card Transaction Validation API. Currently supports -- other platforms are welcome! Both Credit Cards and e-checks are supported. This is a very simple class that has a test component as well. Validation of data is not perform

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